Semi-Final 2: Who is Making It Through?

The Breakdown

The second semi-final is taking place on May 16th at 10 pm Israeli time, 3 pm NY time. 18 countries will be participating while Germany, Italy, and the UK will participate along with the other countries in voting on who will go through. 10 participants will go through to compete in the final.


Armenia’s Srbuk will be singing “Walking Out” to open the second semi-final. A powerful and strong song that will start the semi-final with a jolt. The lyrics are however lacking due to the lack of Annunciation. The lyrics are hard to understand at times and therefore lacks the message it’s trying to convey. When looking at a live version it carries the same power and with good staging, it should do well.


Sarah McTernan will sing for Ireland with her song “22”. This song starts out with a strong base that carries throughout the song. The song has a very retro sound similar to Amy Winehouse. An upbeat song that will continue the energy. The song does not necessarily stand out though and a song like this does not expect a large staging.


Anna Odobescu brings in the first ballad with “Stay”. This song does not automatically slow down the pace of the semi-final, this ballad brings power and emotion. The song, which is in English should do well by voting time. With pyrotechnics and dramatic staging, this song could do very well. Although looking at the odds right now she is not in a good place at 14th place, which would not qualify her for the final. Hopefully, with good staging, it could carry it.


Switzerland’s Luca Hänni is bringing his song “She Got Me” to the second semi-final. This song sounds like a mix of every male artist on the top 40, nothing special but not a bad song in general. That being said songs are in the top 40 for a reason. Hänni is in 4th place in the semi-final according to the betting odds. That being said it is almost definitely making it through to the final.


Carousel is representing Latvia with their song “That Night”. This song is going to have a hard time following a song like Switzerland. The slowing in energy can play to their downfall as it will cut the mood. Along with what looks to be bland staging this song will have a hard time standing out.


Ester Peony’s song for Romania, “On a Sunday”, will bring the energy back up. An almost dark sounding song with a strong beat it will help it stand out, which is key with Romania’s 6th running spot in this final. Stong dramatic staging will also help the song further stand out. Despite the strong song the betting odds placed Peony in 12th place in the semi-final which could play either way, as she is two spots away from qualifying.


Denmark’s Leonora will bring her song “Love is Forever” to this semi-final. Watching the video the creepy staging stands out far stronger than the song. The constant eye contact has to go to even have a chance. The song itself is in 10th place according to the betting odds which would put her through but it would be close . The mix of English, French, Danish, and German is an interesting touch. With better staging, it may help but the 7th place running it is difficult to stand out in.


John Lundvik is representing Sweden with his song “Too Late For Love”. An upbeat catchy tune expected from a Eurovision powerhouse like Sweden Lundviks song is almost an automatic qualifier. Being right in the middle of the semi-final will be difficult but his simple but lively staging and very clear energy on stage should wave him right through. The betting odds are on his side putting him 3rd in this semi-final.


Austrias PÆNDA will compete with her song “Limits”. The song starts out pretty simple and the chorus doesn’t bring in much more, simply an added beat. The music video doesn’t provide much of an idea as to what the staging may be. The betting odds are not on their side with the song in 15th place in the semi-final.


Roko will represent Croatia with his song “The Dream”. The song immediately sounds very outdated and sounds like a song that would appear in the mid-2000s. The wings with his costume doesn’t help and adds a tacky factor. His staging with just him simply there with fog does not add much. The betting odds place him in second to last place in this semi-final.


Malta’s Michela is bringing her colorful, fun song “Chameleon”. A mix of beats and strong vocals help this song stand out. Watching the music video I expect to see colorful fun staging. The music video is an artistic technicolor experience that would translate amazingly to the stage. According to the betting odds Michela is in 6th for the semi-final.


Jurij Veklenko is representing Lituania with his song “Run With The Lions”. Immediately I was thrown by the singing style. It doesn’t seem to match the song itself. Overall I do not think anything truly stands out about this song and don’t feel it will do well. The betting odds agree putting him in 13th place not offering much hope he will make it through to the final.


Sergey Lazarev’s dramatic style shows very clearly in his song Scream. He is familiar with the contest as he represented Russia in 2016 in Stockholm where he came in 3rd. I was able to see him live at that contest and I can vouch that his stage presence is impeccable and the additions he ads to his staging set him apart from other contestants. The betting odds put him 2nd in his semi-final and 2nd over all.


Albania has sent Jonida Maliqi with her song “Ktheju tokës”. Another dramatic song although this time sung in Albanian. Mixed with the traditional Albanian style of music this song has good potential. Again bringing in dramatic staging would send her through. As she is right at 11th place in the betting odds she could go either way and it will all depend on what happens the night of.


Norway’s KEiiNO is bringing their song “Spirit In The Sky”. This song mixes the traditional Sami style, Joik, and modern beats to create an interesting song that will bring something entirely different to the semi-final. While not necessarily catchy it is a unique song that should stick with audiences. The betting odds put the song at 8th which should send them right through.


Duncan Laurence is representing the Netherlands with his song “Arcade”. To start the betting odds have strongly backed this song putting it in first place with a 27% chance of winning the contest. I personally do not like this song and feel it is quite boring. I will admit that it is catchy but It would need strong staging to overtake Sergey Lazarev.

North Macedonia

North Macedonia’s Tamara Todevska is singing her ballad “Proud”. She has a good spot being 2nd to last. This spot will help her be remembered for voting but ballads can often be viewed as boring. The betting odds put her in 9th for the semi-final, this is not necessarily a strong spot. It is another spot where it could go either way.


Azerbaijan has sent Chingiz with his song “Truth”. This song has a strong beat and catchy melody that will be a great closing to the semi-final. This song has lots of energy and potential for strong stage presence. The betting odds put him in 5th for the semi-final which is a good sign he will pass right through.

My Prediction

*not in any particular order

  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Azerbaijan
  • Malta
  • Norway
  • Armenia
  • Romania
  • Macedonia

Author: aadelman0505

A Eurovision obsessed university student living in the US

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