Interval and Opening Acts

Every Eurovision during the semi-finals and finals the host country brings in local celebrities and well-known artists to perform during the opening and middle of the finals. This year is no exception and it is looking as if Israel is bringing the heat with their featured artists.

The short list of the celebrities performing or appearing in the finals is Gal Gadot, Netta, Conchita, Verka, Mans, Foureira, Idan Raichel, Shalva, and Lior Suchard.

While some of those names may sound familiar others will only sound important to fans of the contest.

Gal Gadot

A well known Israeli, Gal Gadot, is known by Americans for her role as wonder woman. To Israelis, she is known for much more. She has won Miss Israel, had a singing career, and become a well-known krav maga instructor. Gal Gadot is said to be making an appearence in the final, as to what she will be doing we do not know yet.


As cover before Netta is the previous years’ winner who brought the contest home for Israel with her song toy. She will be opening the first semi-final. She will be preforming her winning song toy as well as preforming a new song.

Conchita, Verka Serduchka, Måns Zelmerlöw, Eleni Foureira

All of the artists have preformed in previous Eurovisions. Conchita is a drag queen who won the contest in 2014 instantly becoming iconic. Verka Serduchka is another drag queen who placed second for Ukraine in 2007. Serduchka is well know for their flamboyant sparkely outfit and have been featured in some popular movies, the most notable being the 2015 american film Spy. Måns Zelmerlöw is the winner for Sweden from 2015. His song Heros was immediatly memorable due to his creative staging. Since Eurovision he has seen popularity in his holme country as well as some internationally. Eleni Foureira was the second place finisher from last year whos song Fuego found huge popularity in Israel as well as internationally. These artists will all be covering each others songs as well as sing other famous eurovision songs. This will be huge for all Eurovision fans as is will bring in some of the biggest stars singing the most famous and favourite songs.

Idan Raichel

Raichel is a well known singer in Israel. While not as well known in the United States Raichel has done tours in the US extensively. His song Shevet Schim Ve’achayot will be preformed with him and 24 artists at the final. This song has become a huge hit, the lyrics talk about the beauty of israel


The band Shalva is a group of artists with disabilities who were in the running to represent Israel this year. However despite being the favorite they dropped out as the timing of the contest would clash with the weekly timing of Shabbat. The group will be in the second semi-final with their song Million Dreams.

Lior Suchard

The Israeli mentalist has appeared on many American and international programming making him a bit of a more well-known name. He is featured in the Israeli airline, El Al, safety video before take-off.  He will be performing his illusions in the semi-finals and final.

Author: aadelman0505

A Eurovision obsessed university student living in the US

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